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How do I send my slow paying or non-paying customers to you?
Always use a cover sheet with any collection account listings. Clearly mark the box that indicates which type of service you want. Update your office demographic information as applicable and indicate the number accounts placed and their dollar amount. We can accept them through the mail and by facsimile or contact us for larger volume options.
What information do you need in order to collect from my customer(s)?
Always provide complete information along with the balance owed including; full name, date of birth, social security number(s), last known employment, all contact numbers and date of service.
Do you need an invoice or itemized statement?
Yes, please include a copy of an invoice with service detail and balance due. Medical providers should avoid sending unnecessary PHI (Personal Health Information).
What do I need to do after I have placed an account with you for professional collection services?
Establish a process to recognize payments made to you on accounts placed with us and promptly report them to us. Federal law prohibits inaccurate reporting to consumer’s credit file.
Should I discuss the debt or accept payments once I have turned a consumer over to you for collections?
You should always refer the consumer back to us. If you wish to take a payment, please call us first; there may be additional information you will need that is vital before accepting the payment.
What else might I need to know?
  • Promptly return civil suit authorizations, attorney referral letters and debtor disputes requiring your reply.
  • Know that you may submit your data electronically, depending on your export capabilities and volume.
  • For better recovery, refer your accounts once three billings or three messages do not prompt a response.
  • Pay timely. Terms are net 30 days, please pay from our invoice.

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